Privacy Notice

Privacy policy

Peledivais pays maximum attention in order to properly protect customers’ personal information provided on the web site of our store. Peledivais is not responsible for handling of personal information in other sites that display the ads on this web site or set up a link to. It is recommended that customers should review the privacy policies of that site.

Collection of personal information

Peledivais does not collect personal information without your approval in principle. We receive your personal information for the purpose of following.

1. For receiving an order for products or services and to deliver them

2. For sending promotional information

3. For sharing it to third parties with your consent

4. Responding to inquiries from you

5. Other our business actions

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

Without your consent, Peledivais may disclose your personal information to third parties, if applicable, to any of the following.

1. Public institutions such as government offices request to disclose under the authority decided by laws.

2. If there is a need for protection of human life, body, property and it is difficult to obtain the consent from customers.

3. Disclose is possible without the consent of customers under laws and regulations.