Conditions of Use

About membership

All of information in member registration is true at that time the applicant enters or selects.

If Peledivais finds the applicant who has applied to the membership falls under any of the following or Peledivais recognizes the applicant is inappropriate, member registration may be refused.

1. The applicant is non-existent

2. The applicant has already registered to our service

3. The applicant is under suspension due to violation of the Terms and Conditions or was expelled in the past.

4. In the time of membership application, there are false statements, errors or omission.

Membership information change and membership withdrawal

If the member wishes to unsubscribe, the offer of withdrawal will complete at the date of receipt by Peledivais.

Change and termination of services

Without prior notice to members, Peledivais may change, pause or terminate services. In addition, Peledivais does not take any responsibilities which may be caused to members due to change, pause or termination of these services.

Contents, documents of products

We try to show details, pricing of products correctly, however in the process of data entry mistakes might be made. We will amend the mistakes when discovered. Conditions of sales will vary according to the content of this amendment. In addition, images of products are for illustrative purposes. You can check actual product images in the web-site of the manufacturer. Documents of products of a number of Japanese manufacturers may be only JAPANESE.


The quotation will be valid for 10 days from the date of response. Even within the valid time period, Peledivais may not sell at the same estimate conditions when the order date is far from the quotation date.


Peledivais accepts all orders via the web site, e-mail or phone. Orders via e-mail and web site are available 24 hours, but it might take time for order processing.

Orders will be confirmed by an order confirmation e-mail to member’s registered contacts. In case of requiring additional shipping charge in regarding to size, weight of the product, change of delivery means, Peledivais may notify customer and has customer’s agreement before proceeding with the shipment.

If Peledivais finds the order inappropriate, Peledivais may refuse the sale.

Prices, Conditions and Cancellation of Purchase Contract

Prices are subject to change at any time. Prices are for product only and do not include shipping charges, freight, duties, etc. Customer is responsible for paying any government taxes or additional fees if applicable.

If Peledivais cannot procure products ordered by a member or there is any unavoidable reason, Peledivais will provide notice of cancellation to the member’s registered contacts. In that case, Peledivais will not take any responsibilities for any damage occurred to members from this cancellation.


In case of shipping charges, it will be informed by e-mail later. Please proceed the payment after you received the final confirmation email including sales prices, shipping charge. For more information on shipping charge, please refer to EMS service below:

Peledivais accepts Paypal, bank transfers. These accounts are specified in the order confirmation e-mail. A member is liable to pay this remittance charge. A member also should make a payment within 3 days following the day of order.

A member agrees that cannot be offset with respect to payments to our store, deduction or counter-claim.

If that has been notified of the cancellation from our store and the customer paid money, our store shall refund the money to the designated bank account of the customer. Transfer fee in this case is the burden of our store.

Quality assurance of the product

The content and time period of the quality guaranteed for the products of our store shall be limited within the warranty content provided by the manufacturer of the relevant product.

With regard to products procured from the suppliers other than manufacturers of franchise distributors, the warranty range is supposed as follows.

・Return of products is accepted by Peledivais only if any defect was found in the product or the delivered product is different from the one the member ordered. In addition, the return is only accepted for products whose states are unused. And this return must be notified by the customer to Peledivais within 15 days after delivery of the product. Response to the above notification shall be exchange (if we have the product in stock) or refund (if we do not have the product in stock). In case of refund, the money will not exceed the sales price of the product.

The guarantee for products from our store shall not exceed the sales price of the product on our web site.

The following is not included in the guarantee.

・If the customer has resold to a third party.

・In the case of failure or damage due to carelessness or improper handling attributable to the customer’s responsibility.

・In case of failure or damage when the product is used in combination with other products.

・In case of failure or damage caused by external factors such as abnormal voltage, power supply (abnormal voltage, frequency), natural disaster, fire, environment disruption.


Although our store has implemented security measures on its service, but if there is leakage of information or unauthorized access by a third party, our store will not take any responsibility at all.

Peledivais will take no responsibility for any damages caused by using our products in equipments that impose serious effects on human lives or requiring high reliability safety such as medical equipments, nuclear power equipments, aerospace related equipments.

Overseas export

When customers export or re-export products purchased from Peledivais which are regulated by the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act of Japan or any other applicable laws, regulations, requests of other governments, customers will comply with any applicable regulations. Customers will not export or re-export products purchased from Peledivais to any countries or areas where export or re-export of those products are prohibited under the regulations. When customers export or re-export illegally, Peledivais and its manufacturers, suppliers shall not take any responsibility for any damage caused by this act.